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Horse Trailering Tips Too Hot To Trailer Or Ride

Too Hot To Trailer?

Horse Trailering Tips Too Hot To Trailer Or Ride  “How Hot Is Too Hot To Ride?”  Temperature + Humidity Level = 130 or higher…BEWARE! Horses get hotter much faster than you and I. They are more susceptible to the effects of heat stress. It takes approx. 17 minutes of moderate intensity exercise in hot, humid weather […]

How To Prepare For Vacation And Leave Your Horse Safely Behind

How To Prepare For Vacation And Leave Your Horse Safely Behind

Summer is almost here. That means you may need to know How To Prepare For Vacation And Leave Your Horse Safely Behind as you are making your plans for summer vacation!  Many horse owners start to feel anxious at the thought of leaving on vacation and leaving their most prized possession, their horse, in the […]

Hay Types and Varieties, Which Hay Is Best For Your Horse?

Creating the correct diet for your horse

Hay types and varieties, which hay is best for your horse. Types and availability vary depending on region, and hays are representative of the climate in which they were grown. Grass hay types are divided into two categories based on where they are grown, cool or warm season. Cool season grasses include orchard, tall fescue, […]

Stewardship or Horsemanship?

Stewardship or Horsemanship?

Many horse owners/riders strive to be the best horseman/horsewoman they can be. When they describe their goals or aspirations in their involvement with horses, it seems to be wrapped around what they look like on a saddle, or how many buckles, saddles, trailers or money they have or can win.  I rarely hear what they […]

Horse Pastures | Sugar Levels In Spring and Fall Grasses

Horse Pastures | Sugar Levels In Fall And Spring Grasses

Horse Pastures, Sugar Levels in Spring and Fall grasses. This is a subject horse owners should be familiar with.  It has been said “Your cheapest feed is right under your horse’s hooves.” Grass is approximately 85% water, which helps your horse stay hydrated. Grass is high in protein and has large amounts of Vitamin E […]

Grains Commonly Fed To Horses

Grains Fed To Horses, Oats, barley, wheat, corn, Not All Grains Are Meant For Horses

Grains Commonly Fed To Horses Grains are the seeds of cereal plants that belong to the grass family. They are fed primarily as sources of energy. Grains commonly fed to horses are oats, barley, corn, milo, wheat, rice, and rye. These grains can vary widely in energy, protein, fiber, and weight. Differences in nutritional value […]

How To Build Strong, Healthy Horse Hooves

How To Build Strong Healthy Hooves

How To Build Strong, Healthy Horse Hooves.   With as much information on the nutritional building blocks of good hoof production and the great number of horses suffering from poor hoof growth, something is wrong.  I believe in No Horse No Hoof and I will give you some information on how to build strong, healthy horse […]

Which Mineral Types Are Easily Absorbed In The Horses System?

Which mineral types are easily absorbed in the horses system? Do horses need minerals? The simple and complete answer is all of God’s creatures need minerals, vitamins and trace minerals in order to sustain life and to prosper as a well being as opposed to a healthy being.  Many people think that well and healthy […]

How To Read Feed Tag Labels On Horse Feed

How to read feed tag labels on horse feed

How to read Feed Tag Labels on horse feed. Let’s learn about How To Read Feed Tag Labels On Horse Feed.  Most of the time these feed tags are designed to be confusing and virtually impossible to decipher with great intention. Let’s make it a bit easier to figure out. Please learn how to read […]