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Hard Keeper Diet For Horses

Hard Keeper Diet For Horses How To Put Weight On A Horse

The diet that helped Weepago recover is now called the “Weepago Diet” for horses that are hard keepers, horses which are malnourished or starved. This diet will help them recover their muscle mass via the higher protein content of alfalfa, the higher calories to feed the machine of recovery.

The Weepago Diet consists of 8 packed cups of alfalfa fines, 3 cups of WHOLE oats, 2 oz of Equine Challenge™ Vitamins & Minerals Grass and  1 oz of the Equine Challenge™ Probiotic BLAST both in the morning AND once again in the evening. The recovering horse should have 2-3 flakes of grass forage daily along with grazing if possible if not, the horses should have access to grass forage 24/7.

Equine Challenge Supplements Transformations | Before & After
Weepago Hard Keeper Diet For Horses
"I started Bo on Weepago's diet and saw results instantly. Mackie had me put Bo on 4oz of Equine Challenge™ Vitamins & Minerals Grass, 2oz Equine Challenge™Probiotic Blast, 3 handfuls of alfalfa fines (separated by yours truely), and 4 cups of whole oats, given twice daily, with free choice orchard grass all day. Mackie also requested that I send him a photo of Bo every week followed by a phone call (AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!) Bo is a different horse, and it's only been 3 weeks. His seal bay coat was fading, and in this short time has turned a dark chocolate bay. His coat has become soft and shiny, his eye is soft, he can run up and down our back hill all day without becoming tired, he is calmer and not as on edge, he isn't destructive, and he holds his Arab tail high...I could go on and on about the changes I see...but I'll let the pictures tell the story. I honestly believe that Equine Challenge™ and the knowledge and heart behind the company saved Bo's life" ​
Alex Testimonial
Loomis, CA

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