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  • Equine Challenge Sand Flush Plus

    Equine Challenge™ Sand Flush PLUS


    Equine Challenge™ Sand Flush PLUS


    Equine Challenge™ Sand Flush PLUS contains 95% pure “blonde” Plantago ovata with added PRE-biotic to support a thriving equine gastro-intestinal system also with a hint of licorice flavoring without any sugar. A thriving gut goes a long way in developing a thriving horse. Providing a toxin and harmful residue flush which will support sand and dirt elimination with the addition of 2 PRE-biotics, Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) and Mannanoliosacchrides (MOS) helping to stabilize the gastro intestinal micro-flora…is a winning combination.  Studies have found that Psyllium can help not only with sand accumulation, but also with soothing and healing the gut wall.

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