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  • Equine Challenge™ Horse Supplement Sand PLUS


    Equine Challenge™ Horse Supplement Sand PLUS


    Sand PLUS contains 95% pure “blonde” Plantago ovata with added PRE-biotic to support a thriving equine gastro-intestinal system.  Studies have found that Psyllium can help not only with sand accumulation, but also with soothing and healing the gut wall.  A thriving gut goes a long way in developing a thriving horse. Providing a toxin and harmful residue flush which will support sand and dirt elimination with the addition of 2 PRE-biotics, Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) and Mannanoliosacchrides (MOS) helping to stabilize the gastro intestinal micro-flora. Studies have shown that when placed in water, pelleted products did not break down and absorb fluid readily—some, even after 24 hours in water.  The tighter the pellet, the more this tended to be true.  For this reason, Sand Plus is not pelleted.  It is a natural form of psyllium husk that swells and gels easily and rapidly for the best results.  A winning combination!


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