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Canine Supplements

Supplements For Dogs | Canine Nutrition | Canine Health. Due to the success of Equine Challenge Supplement™ products, many of our satisfied horse owners asked us to produce a product for their canine family members, with the same simple Building Block principles found in our Equine Challenge Supplement™ products. You asked and We heard you.

K-9 Challenge M-V-P™, K-9 Challenge™ Probiotics and K-9 Challenge™ Joint Support. If your canine family member suffers from skin allergies, dull or patchy coat, irratic behavior, diarrhea, flatulence, constipation, excessive shedding, bad breath, bad skin odor, excessive licking and excessive chewing…. you might want to take the K-9 Challenge™ .

Supplements For Dogs | Canine Nutrition | Canine Health
Supplements For Dogs | Canine Nutrition | Canine Health

K-9 Challenge M-V-P™ Minerals, Vitamins & Probiotics is a milled flaxseed based, highly bio-available daily vitamin, mineral, trace element and digestive probiotic supplement. K-9 Challenge Supplements™ are synergistically proportioned to provide the nutritional building blocks and maintain the metabolic balance of your canine family member. M-V-P is a concentrated canine daily supplement. Due to this concentrated formula you will find that you will use anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 LESS of K-9 Challenge M-V-P™ compared to other products on the market.

Milled flaxseed is an excellent source of Omega 3’s and a good source of Omega 6’s and is an excellent source of soluble fiber. K-9 Challenge M-V-P™ uses a 7 strain probiotic package which provides pro-bacteria which will produce digestive enzymes when activated in the canine gastro-intestinal tract. All minerals in K-9 Challenge™ are ZinPro™ chelations making them extremely bioavailable to your canine family member. K-9 Challenge M-V-P™ uses human grade Activated Charcoal which helps eliminate toxic waste and more importantly, dissipates gas in the canine gut, reducing the likelihood of canine bloat. Research indicates that dog flatulence responds exceedingly well to activated charcoal.

We Challenge you to compare K-9 Challenge M-V-P™ ingredient to ingredient with what you are currently using so you can make an informed choice for your canine family member.

Our canine family members, more times than not, are fed either a commercial wet or a dry kibble dog food. By necessity, these prepared foods are heated to destroy harmful bacteria. Typically dry kibble is extruded and oven baked at an approx. temperature of 160 degrees F.

Wet dog food is heated to between 240 and 250 degrees F. That being the case, any natural occurring or added pro-bacteria or enzymes will be destroyed at temperatues in excess of 118 degrees F. Therefore, that food is essentially “dead” and puts an enormous stress on your dogs organs, primarily the pancreas. Without the pro-bacteria, your dogs immune system is not as robust as it could be. Many vitamins are destroyed at these excessive temperatures and as a result, your canine family member, with your best intentions is left without the “Building Blocks” to maintain a thriving metabolic condition and is resigned to “just living”.

Supplements For Dogs | Canine Nutrition | Canine Health

Supplements For Dogs | Canine Nutrition | Canine Health

K-9 Challenge Supplement™ products allow you to fill the deficiency gaps of the commercial dog food that is available to your dog.

All K-9 Challenge Supplement™ products are synergistically formulated to work together to bring your canine family member into metabolic balance. We recommend that you do not use other companies products with K-9 Challenge Supplements™ to avoid throwing this synergistic balance off.

As with all supplements, you should always discuss any dietary modifications or concerns you may have about your dog’s nutrition, with your Veterinarian. We do not claim that K-9 Challenge™ cures illness or disease. Some signs & symptoms are, in fact, medical conditions that are best addressed by a veterinarian.

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