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Take a look at our Equine Challenge Supplements Testimonials | Success Stories and see what our happy customers have to say!

We just lost our 35 year old mare who we owned for 29 years. We want to thank the many years we’ve fed her Equine Challenge Grass to keep her healthy until the end.

Thank you! 

Sid Replogle

Hello Kathy,

I just want to say thank you for recommending On Demand for my Quarter Horse with arthritis, Stella. It’s made a HUGE difference. She’s moving much better, happily cantering, and transitioning between gaits without drama… and has happy eyes again! Still a brat, but that’s what we love about her.

Your products make a difference!

More gratitude,


Since I have been feeding the Laminae 911 to four mares, after 30 days, all are showing amazing improvement. I am so glad to have found this supplement.

Diane Dempsey

Have been struggling with what/how to supplement my alfalfa fed mustang mare who is showing signs of mineral deficiency. Equine Challenge made it SUPER easy to find the right supplement for her and even better, my as of late, picky mare LOVES it! Easy to order, quick delivery. LOVE IT.

Abigail Illenberger

I have been using Equine Challenge Vitamins and Minerals for Grass for several years. I also use the Probiotic Blast. My four horses are healthy and happy, no colic or other digestive issues. Kathy was awesome in sending me information when one of my horses needed some extra care. Love the fast, free shipping. Great customer service!

Julie Irwin

I want to thank Kathy for all the help I think I had her on the phone for over an hour . My mare has been on the joint and tendon for a while and its work great. Kathy also had me put her on the vitamin and minerals alfalfa so we will see how that works just started it.

Thank you
Mary and kitty

I bought “Probiotic Blast” to help my horse through some Runny Burn issues. She’s been using it about a week and I am seeing improvement. Thank you for teaching me about the issue and providing a great product to treat it! Awesome customer service and quick delivery.

Jessica Rudd

Laminae 911 is working great for my horse.  I have tried many other herbal supplements that did not worked.  With the Laminae 911 he is moving great.

Lorene Roberto


Nic had his fall check up last week. His vet of 10 years was so impressed with his heath and fitness!  She asked what I was giving him. I give Equine Challenge much credit for his health!

Neide, CO

Testimonials Shasta


Our MFT Shasta suffered from EMS and resulting laminitis at a young age. We had to soak his hay and boy was that a chore. We met Dr. Mackie at a barefoot trim school and he explained to us Shasta’s situation. We started him on Equine Challenge Grass and he improved and was sound for many years. At 19 we added Hoof Propel and now, at 20, he also needs Laminae 911. With front boots and these supplements, Shasta is comfortable and still here to give us our wonderful morning whinny.

Harold & Diana Miller, Stagecoach, NV

As always, a happy Equine Challenge customer… my mare Pangea is already featured on your page from last year’s transformation, this year I offer up comparison pictures of O-Ren, a new training project I have in… the first picture was taken at her old home at the very end of March, and the second picture is today, not quite 4 weeks later. Can’t wait to see what she looks like at the end of NEXT month!

Andrea G.



And rescue mare Imogen! 5 months on Equine Challenge 🙂

The first picture was Rita when we got her in October of 2012. She is 24, previously foundered, and has cushings. After talking with Mackie we put her on grass hay and Equine Challenge Grass along with the Probiotic Plus.

The second picture is Rita today. What a difference 5 months and Equine Challenge Supplements make!!!!

Debbie F., CA



Just wanted to let you know that my Sunshine has been on your Laminae 911 for 3 weeks now and we are weaning her off of it cuz she is no longer sor  e in front! 

I have told lots of my Facebook friends who have horses that have this problem and they have gotten this and they also have told me they love it and how fast it works.  I love it cuz it is all natural!  

Thanks so much for a wonderful product that actually works!


McComb, MO

Equine Challenge Laminae 911


I have to share the results I’ve seen in my big gelding with the use of the Equine Challenge Well B-ing. Freaking amazing is an understatement, Slick is not the same horse. He’s only been on it about 7 days, I do have to use 2 scoops am and pm but figure once he really gets completely loaded on it I may be able to drop it down. I am so excited for Slick, he now is thinking. Thanks so much.


Sanger, CA



Best muscle supplement I have ever used. Noticed improvement in 7 to 10 days! I now have 3 friends trying it!!! My horse feels AMAZING.  I have never seen this dramatic results so quickly!  We’ve been on a it about 21 days and he’s shaved off 2 min/mile in his workout and isnt ready to quit!  He is 13 yrs old and has recently had trouble developing and/or maintaining topline.  No MORE!  He is getting his topline back and developing beautiful muscle at the same time.  I could not be happier!

Toni Martin

Longview, Tx

Barrel Horses

Equine Challenge Pro Amino Toni Martin Barrel Horses



We have used Equine Challenge Supplements for years now. I like them a lot…more importantly my horse likes them & she is pretty darn healthy.


Fort Bragg, CA



This is Boomers Royal Blue.  Thank you to Equine Challenge for keeping our horses looking great, feeling good and bug free!


Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Boomers Royal Blue

Hi Kathy,

Just wanted to thank you for making such awesome supplements for horses. Since switching my horse to them a couple years ago, he just shines unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s also a nice bonus that he actually loves them and eats every last crumb.

I see it as competitive riding is a team effort! He would never be that flashy without the amazing supplements and he wouldn’t be able to move that good without training.  You’re seriously amazing and have a wonderful product!

Thank you,

Reggie and Jax                                                                                                  Vancouver, WA

Trainer:  Michelle Ives-Purdy/The Ultimate Piaffe

My two Morgan mares have been on Equine Challenge™ Grass, Equine Challenge™ Probiotics BLAST and Equine Challenge™ Sand Flush PLUS for seven months now. This year they are slick, shiny and practically glowing with good health. My buckskin looks positively metallic in the sunshine, and my brown mare has gotten so dark that she is constantly mistaken for a black. While they had good hooves before, what they have been growing out since starting Equine Challenge™ is amazingly strong and resilient, my trimmer always has to bring fresh rasps with him now. Manes and tails are full, silky and beautiful, and both girls just have an air of vibrancy about them.

As long as I have horses, I will be an Equine Challenge™ Supplements customer! Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Ramona, CA

Morgan Sierra Testimonial
Morgan Summer Testimonial

Just thought you might like to see what 3 months of Equine Challenge™ Grass Formula did for my mare 🙂 I bought her in February from Canada, and the first picture was the condition she arrived in….. yuck. The second picture taken in late April, and was mid-shed from nasty old winter coat to her summer coat… she dappled into her summer color! I’ve never seen anything like it!

Weatherford, TX


I’m so excited! I had all my horses tested for selenium since starting on Equine Challenge™ when they were so low, they had selenium shots and…..they all tested on the high end of normal 🙂
I do test my hay and avoid any really high numbers that we get here but other than that, my horses are on the average Equine Challenge™ Grass vitamin and Mineral dose plus some are on
Equine Challenge Joint and Equine Challenge Probiotics but nothing extreme.I think this says a lot about the synergistic quality of your supplements. I tell people all the time, you get what you pay for!I would say this pic tells it all. Vanna (missvancruise) 20 yrs young. After changing her diet and adding body work, she Rides like a 5 yr old! Prior to that, she has arthritis in her hocks and was lame periodically for 5 yrs.

Thank you for your dedication to quality on behalf of my horses.


Lori C Testimonial

Rich’s Story

The life of a thoroughbred racehorse is hard and unforgiving. As an owner I believe it is my duty to exhaust all avenues of research and effort to be sure my horses have the best possible care and a chance to compete successfully and happily. At the end of the day I have to look into their eyes and know I have not sold them short for the sake of a trainer or for my personal gain. It is the least that I can do for them because they owe me nothing. On the contrary, I can never repay them for what they have given me.

My filly Shiloh’s Vine caught my eye on October 3, 2009. She was a very well bred two year old and had run three very strong races to start her career at Monmouth Park and The Meadowlands in New Jersey. I decided to claim her in her next start on October 24, 2009 and to my delight she won quite easily. I was thrilled that I had claimed a young, talented, and healthy filly who had now won on fast and sloppy tracks. However, the following day my trainer and I noticed that her feet were very warm and thought it may have been trauma from running on a very sloppy track the night before. Over the next two weeks her feet did not cool down and we began to think there was something more alarming below the surface. She raced once more and I decided to give her a two month break prior to her three year old campaign. Following the time off she went to Tampa Bay Downs to train barefoot but the persistent warmth in her feet did not subside. Soon after I was notified by her trimmer that she could no longer make the long trip to Tampa to trim Shiloh’s feet. Fortunately I was able to find Gina Coyle to replace her and Gina was anxious to visit Shiloh at the track. But after seeing Shiloh for the first time Gina advised me that Shiloh appeared to have a subclinical case of laminitis that needed to be addressed immediately. This was the break we so badly needed and Gina asked me to contact Mackie Hartwig without delay because she knew Shiloh was in metabolic distress. She also felt that Shiloh had problems with her spine and that spinal adjustments were necessary.

I contacted Mackie and he not only responded to my emails but called me on many occasions to personally explain to me what was causing Shiloh’s discomfort and pain. He also sent Gina an instrument specially designed to perform body work on Shiloh. Gina began treating Shiloh with this instrument and at about the same time my trainer began to introduce Equine Challenge™ Vitamins & Minerals Grass and Equine Challenge™ Probiotic BLAST into Shiloh’s diet, while eliminating sugars from her feed. These excellent supplements re-introduced the good, living bacteria back into her system. It turns out that Shiloh was “Insulin Resistant” and her body could not handle the excess glucose and starch in her feed. This resulted in her body creating toxins that were restricting blood flow, destroying good bacteria, and creating a very ominous laminitic condition. As Mackie promised, within weeks of adding Equine Challenge™ Vitamins & Minerals Grass to her diet and having Gina’s body work performed, Shiloh’s appearance and health improved dramatically (Mackie has already posted the before and after pictures of Shiloh on his website but it gets even better).

Shiloh was only able to race three times in 2010 because of her persistent and frustrating physical problems. In 2011 she raced eleven times at Monmouth Park and Parx Racing, two very competitive and top notch tracks and has earned more than $45,000. Even more impressive is the fact that she was not being ridden properly in her first seven races. It was not until late October that we finally put a rider on her that listened to our instructions and relaxed Shiloh in the early part of her races. In her last four races of the year Shiloh ran 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, and 1st while flying home from the back of the pack. On December 17th at Parx she won her first race for me by 3 ½ lengths while going from last to first against a talented group and having to come seven paths wide turning for home!

As I watched her soar past the field in the homestretch tears welled up in my eyes knowing she was trying so hard for me because she knew how hard I was trying for her. As I proudly and emotionally walked toward the winners circle for what would be my first winners circle photo, my thoughts turned to Mackie and Gina. I knew in my heart that Shiloh would not have been able to perform like that for me without the supplements that Mackie and Kathy so proudly created and the thoughtful care and body work given to her by Gina.. If you love your horses please do not hesitate to help them. You will look in their eyes and they will tell you, without question, that they appreciate what you have done for them. And they will return your kindness tenfold.

With Sincerity, Thanks, and Best Wishes for 2012.

Richard J. Ciarletta

Richard C Testimonial
Richard C Testimonial
Jerry Huntsinger Testimonial


We are now approaching the two year mark with Equine Challenge™ Supplements, what a great trip this has been! Our horses are looking better and performing better than ever imagined.

My wife and I have been looking for a product like Equine Challenge™ for a very long time; we have tried many different products but all have let us down. With owning 9 horses it was just a matter of time until at least one of our horses would fail. It seems as if the other 

companies could not get away from using by-products. Our horses deserved and desired more than just garbage. The day I had a chance to talk with you and look and the product I knew the days of the past were just that…gone forever!

The first time my horses tasted Equine Challenge™ I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not one of them turned their nose to the product (they have good taste)! By the end of the first month I could see major changes. My horses that had hay belly were losing them fast, and the ones who needed to gain weight did! Also we had a mare who’s stool was very loose, within a few days of her on Equine Challenge™ she was solid! Being very active in the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting we ask at lot of our horses. They need to be at a good weight, quiet mind, yet still have enough energy to get the job done. Yes there are other ways to “feed a horse up” but in the past they would all fail. Equine Challenge™ has given us two great years of healthy happy satisfied horses. On the performance side, Equine Challenge™ has been with us through our North Pacific titles and many other huge wins in the Cowboy Mounted Shooting. I know that without Equine Challenge our horses would not of had the advantage over the other horses. Yes the secret is out and many other shooters have found success with Equine Challenge™!

With the proactive approach of the horses diet by Mackie and Kathy they have a product line that can help with every horse health issue (I have a hunch there is still more to come). Being a Whole horse rehab specialist I need a product like Equine Challenge™ to help with the recovery of the horses I touch. I have found that horses on Equine Challenge™ create a type of synergy in the body that is unrivaled. Horses with unhealthy hooves, poor body condition, or all the above need a product like Equine Challenge™. In the past I was very slow to offer advice about the horses diet, every time I did the horse would not have a good outcome. Now with Equine Challenge™ it’s a no brainer. They must be on it! I believe the importance of Equine Challenge™ is so strong that I WILL NOT start a rehab case until the horse has started on the Equine Challenge™ products.

Equine Challenge™ helps horses through the tough times in the rehab process, also the rehab time has been cut greatly. My clients have also shared their confidence with the product and would not be without it!!!

Thanks for such a great product,

Jerry Huntsinger

Oyster Cove a.k.a “Luke” found me in November of 2008. To the best of my knowledge his history was that of any other Thoroughbred. He was bred and raised in Kentucky and placed on the track as a long yearling coming two year old. He ran through the ripe old age of six and then was sent packing due to an injury of some sort (a bone chip) in his left front fetlock. A mystery whether or not he had surgery but with as large as the knot is, I think it’s safe to say he did have surgery to remove the chip the knot is scar tissue.

After passing through a few hands “Luke” found himself in Illinois on a dry lot with another horse named Jerry. I do not know what ” nickname was on the track but when he found himself buddied up with Jerry he was called Bennen (you know Ben N’ Jerry Ice Cream). “Luke” was to be a companion to Jerry as well as a dressage horse. After Jerry died, Luke’s then owner was so saddened by her loss she could not even so much as look at “Luke” and he was left alone in the dry lot more or less waiting to die at the very ripe age of 8!

He then found himself on a trailer that was Kansas bound. He wasn’t in Kansas long before I came across an ad for him. The woman who had him recognized that he was too big and athletic for her needs and had decided to move him on when she found the right match for him. Apparently I am that match I really didn’t need another horse (how many of us say that just before introducing a new member to our herds?) but I was struck by “Luke’s” looks and horsenality, oh and did I mention I have a bleeding heart for these Thoroughbreds? Sight unseen I told his temporary custodian I would take him and met her halfway into Kansas. This was in November and here in Colorado we are numerous shades of brown with little to no pasture and usually snow.

“Luke” was leaving chest high grass and warm temperatures as well as sponge like footing in his pasture. When I loaded him I knew he would need some PT what with all the running he was subjected to but I had no idea to what degree. Within two weeks of arriving he went into a sort of healing crisis. His feet were a wreck, his whole body was a wreck, he cribbed, and emotionally he
had checked out.

Fast forward to the spring of 2009. My good friend and trimmer was doing an awesome job working through years of bad shoeing, laid over bar and bruising that I had never seen the likes of. I was addressing his skeletal issues through chiropractic work as well as massage & magnetic therapy. He was starting to come out from behind his emotional curtain and showing what a cool, cool fellow he could be, but he still looked really poor.

The “before” picture was taken around March of 2009 prior to finding Equine Challenge Supplements. He was on a lot of feed and I was getting nowhere trying to fatten up his topline and bring some shine to his coat. I emailed and spoke on the phone with Dr. Hartwig about “Luke” and my other horses. It was determined that yes, the Equine Challenge™ Grass formula would help as would additional Equine Challenge™ Probiotic for the hay belly. I followed the instructions for loading and began feeding the Equine Challenge™. My honest opinion was, “What do I have to lose? It’s not all that expensive.” I am still laughing because as you can see, the horse looks amazing! “Luke” is registered with the Jockey Club as a dark brown, he is jet black with chocolate dapples along the inside of his butt cheeks! He has really turned the corner and I anticipate and am excited for our future together trail riding, checking fence, eventing, etc. I don’t imagine he ever considered being a Colorado Cow Pony, my desire is that through good nutrition and the Equine Challenge™ Supplements he will have many happy years with us, healthy and whole!

Thank you for all the time, research, development and passion that is put into Equine Challenge™ Supplements.

Jessica McMillin
Ramah, Colorado

Luke Testimonial
Luke Testimonial

I have been using Equine Challenge™ Supplements now for six months and from the very beginning all 10 horses were more energetic and more spirited than ever before even though they were already on a good diet. Two horses were finicky eaters and their appetites have picked up significantly; Equine Challenge Supplements with flaxseed should be part of every horse’s “gooder” diet plan!

Dr. Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PHD
Corona Vista Equine Center
Pleasant Lake, Michigan

Mackie Hartwig & Dr. Bowker
Rebekah Larimer Testimonial

Hello Kathy,

I hope you are doing well. I have been a very satisfied Equine Challenge Supplements customer for years. So much that most of my client’s and training horses are on it as well.

This is a picture of my Belgian Warmblood, Nextravagant, at his 2 year old Keuring. he grew up from conception on Equine Challenge.

Thank you for providing such an outstanding product!

Rebekah Larimer


Hi Mackie,

Words cannot express my gratitude to you for helping me with Bo. He looks AMAZING!!! For the first time in almost three years he is lesion free and his coat is glowing. I will be sending pics soon. We are actually going to show him the first week in Aug. He has never looked this good. His itching is minimal. In fact I have put all three of my horses on it. I’ve been ordering like crazy from you and have been telling everyone about your supplements and how you have helped me. His stool is still a bit dry but not anywhere near as before.

Thanks again, can’t wait for you to see him.

New York

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