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Learn Equine Manual Therapy

Learn Equine Manual Therapy

Learn Myofascial and Craniosacral Therapy Techniques for the Horse

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This is an extensive ONE OF A KIND course that covers BOTH cranialsacral AND myofascial techniques. The course is designed to help you alleviate painful conditions horses often suffer from and deepen your relationships with the horses you care for. Learn Equine Manual Therapy

We will start off by reviewing some methods for assessing structural issues that can lead to patterns off stress, pain, and a reduction in the performance and well-being of the horse.

Then, we will move on to learning the musculoskeletal anatomy and myofascial techniques for working those muscle groups. We will discuss common locations where ischemic tissue is found, specific tools and methods for working those areas, and appropriate exercises to follow your sessions.

Next you will learn about craniosacral techniques for the horse. Humans and horses are very different animals and not everything in craniosacral therapy translates perfectly between our species. We will guide you through the process of adapting the concepts and techniques to our equine friends so that you can perform the holds safely and effectively.

Throughout this video series there will be an emphasis on exploration, play, and having fun while learning these incredible healing modalities. Judah will teach you how he blends these two styles of touch together, when you might want to use each one, and why the two are such a powerful combination. We hope you will join us in creating a healthier, happier, and more loving world for our horses and ourselves!

  • 45 Video Lessons
  • Over 9 Hours of Video and Audio Instruction
  • Companion PDF Booklet

Equine Manual Therapy

Myofascial and Craniosacral Therapy Techniques for the Horse:

The course is designed to help you alleviate painful conditions horses often suffer from and deepen your relationships with the horses you care for. You will learn:

  • Conformation and Assessment Concepts
  • Equine Musculoskeletal Anatomy
  • Myofascial Techniques for Horses
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Foundational Concepts
  • Craniosacral Techniques for Horses
  • And much more
Learn Equine Manual Therapy


  • Watch all the course videos online.
  • Move at your own pace and return to the material as often as you like.
  • Track your course progress and mark favorite lessons.


  • Download the videos lessons to your computer, or to a mobile device and take them with you where you don’t have internet access.


  • The course includes a 39 page PDF
  • This companion booklet contains additional information on the covered muscle groups and craniosacral holds.

About Judah Lyons

As I approach my 75th year on the planet I wanted to create, with my partner Michael, a video series that would hopefully just keep on giving for all the horses on our water planet. They have given so much to humanity for thousands of years! I am going to share with you my 35 years of experience as a practitioner and 32 years as a teacher of the healing arts.

My experience with horses began as a 4-year-old! I drove my grandmother crazy as I slipped two blocks away through the woods to the Hungarian stables to watch these giant beings. My riding didn’t start until summer camp in my early teens and then my later teens when I bought my first horse, a Leo bred quarter horse and traveled 600 miles over 6 months along the Continental Divide.

From 1970-1973 I ran the largest equitation center in Colorado under Captain Zygmunt Bilwin, a Polish cavalry officer and twice Olympian. If you don’t know what it’s like hanging out with 50 horses, it’s hard to explain. I sometimes rode 8 horses a day. When Captain Bilwin died, I traveled to Pennsylvania to spend some time 

Judah Lyons

learning from Major Jeremy Beale, a former British cavalry officer.

In 1989 I began working on my Arabians and other folks’ horses using the Rolfing concepts that I had been trained in at the Rolf Institute. The results were immediate, especially around their withers, neck, and back. 5 years later I started incorporating cranial sacral therapy and the Bowen technique into my work.

I also studied the work of Jack Meagher, who clarified even further the concept of trigger points and muscular dysfunction. Jack was a giant in the field who impacted many equine massage therapists simply because his approach worked so beautifully on releasing muscular dysfunction and restoring normal balance and pain-free movement!

And ten years after that, I incorporated the Biodynamic approach to cranial sacral therapy – a concept which is deeply embedded in our video series.

My last focus was taking care of an Olympian’s five horses. She finished in the 2012 London Olympics in the eventing games, which was quite an honor for her!

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