—Why Equine Challenge Supplements For Horses?—

Equine Challenge Horse Supplements is a concentrated vitamin, mineral, trace mineral supplement formulated for all horses. Our vitamin and mineral supplements include the most commonly deficient minerals:  Copper, Zinc and Selenium. In addition to the balanced vitamins and minerals, each serving supplies a 7 strain viable probiotic package. Due to the high iron content found in most forages, NO iron is added to our horse supplements. This economical milled flaxseed based supplement was formulated using the highest quality bioavailable ingredients (for easy absorption) while at the same time saving horse owners time and money. Our horse supplements can be mixed with your horse’s grain, hay pellets or simply fed by itself right out of the bucket. Equine Challenge Supplements will get your horse metabolically sound while supporting the immune system, digestive system, optimal hoof growth and healthy skin and coats.  We use only the highest quality ingredients because we know that makes a difference in your horse’s health. Equine Challenge Supplements is cost effective and easy to feed.

Many Equine Challenge customers report a shiny, healthy coat in their horse after just a few weeks of starting on Equine Challenge Vitamins & Minerals. Healthy hoof growth as well as mane and tail growth is also very common. You may notice a positive change in your horse’s disposition as they become metabolically balanced. All horses respond differently depending on their metabolic needs so you will see some show improvement quickly while others show a more gradual change over time.

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Equine Challenge Sand Flush Plus
~On Sale~ Sand Flush Plus
Equine Challenge Well B-ing
Well B-ing
Vitamins & Minerals Horse Supplement Grass
Vitamins & Minerals Grass







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I have to share the results I’ve seen in my big gelding with the use of the Equine Challenge Well B-ing. Freaking amazing is an understatement, Slick is not the same horse. He’s only been on it about 7 days, I do have to use 2 scoops am and pm but figure once he really gets completely loaded on it I may be able to drop it down. I am so excited for Slick, he now is thinking. Thanks so much.

Sandy, Sanger, Ca.



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