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Mind, Body & Sole Support

Forage Specific Horse Supplements

All Life Stages • All Performance Levels • All Forage Diets

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Mind, Body & Sole Grass
Mind, Body & Sole Grass Supplement
The Complete All In One Horse Supplement
This supplement supports Mind, Body, & Sole.  Contains the same ingredients found in our Vitamin & Mineral supplements (including 7 strain  probiotic package0 with the addition of Hoof Propel & Joint Support ingredients.
starting at $147.95
Horse Pastures Sugar Levels In Spring and Fall Grasses
Herbal Laminitis Supplement For Horses
Herbal Laminitis Horse Supplement Formula
This supplement supports all stages of laminitis and founder, blood flow to the hoof, natural pain relief, tender footed, thin soled horses, weather mediated & intermittent hoof tenderness, helps build strong, healthy hooves.
starting at $85.95
Vitamin & Mineral Supplement For Horses - Grass Fed Horses
Vitamin/Mineral/Probiotic Supplement Grass
Original Vitamin/Mineral/Probiotic Grass Formula
This supplement supports daily horse health, ration balancer, skin & coat, hoof growth, mane & tail growth, digestive support, gastric support, metabolic support while providing omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.
starting at $14.95

Why Equine Challenge Horse Supplements?

Equine Challenge Supplements offers a complete line of doctor formulated equine nutrition which will get your horse metabolically balanced while supporting all systems of the horse. We use only the highest quality bioavailable ingredients, because we know that makes a difference in your horse’s health. Equine Challenge Supplements is cost effective and easy to

Equine Challenge Horse Supplements

Equine Challenge Supplements is the number one choice in providing the highest quality complete line of horse supplements formulated to balance your horse’s diet so that your horse can not just live, but thrive.

Equine Challenge Vitamin & Mineral Supplements  – Concentrated vitamin, mineral, trace mineral supplements formulated for all horses. Our forage specific vitamin and mineral supplements include the most commonly deficient minerals:  Copper, Zinc and Selenium. In addition to the balanced vitamins and minerals, each serving supplies a 7 strain viable probiotic package. Due to the high iron content found in most forages, NO iron is added to our horse supplements. This economical milled flaxseed based supplement was formulated using the highest quality bioavailable ingredients (for easy absorption) while at the same time saving horse owners time and money. Our horse supplements can be mixed with your horse’s grain, hay pellets or simply fed by itself right out of the bucket.

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