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First Aid Kit For Horses

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Horses can and will get themselves into situations that require medical attention.

First Aid Kit For Horses.  Whether you are new to owning horses and in the process of finding out, or a long time horse owner, the truth is that horses can and will get themselves into situations that require medical attention.  More times than not we have no idea what they have gotten themselves into to injure themselves, other times it can be as obvious as a kick from a pasture buddy.  Having a First Aid Kit for Horses is always a good idea.

The longer we own horses, the more experienced we become at treating wounds, wrapping legs, using a needle and syringe and acquiring first aid items to stock our bags.  It is a good idea for all barns to have a first aid kit accessible at all times.  Do you have a first aid kit set up and ready to go for unexpected emergencies with your horse?

These are just a few of the first aid items and essential oils that I like to keep on hand for my horses:

• Feminine Pads – A great wrap for leg injuries.
• Small towels – For cleaning up the wounded area.
• Vet Wrap – Securing the wound dressing.
• Thermometer – Plastic digital type is safer than glass around the barn.
• Hydrogen Peroxide – A wash for injuries.
• Saline Solution – A wash for injuries and eyes.
• Witch Hazel – Skin ailments.
• Syringes – When injections are required and can be used to flush wounds.
• Scissors – Safety scissors with rounded ends.
• Athletic Tape – Securing dressing and wraps.
• Swat – Keep flies away from wounds.
• Coconut oil – As a lubricant and a carrier oil.
• Spray Bottle  – To mix Essential Oils for injuries or skin conditions.

First Aid Kit For Horses

The best-equipped first aid kit is intended only to help you deal with minor injuries and health problems. Consult your Veterinarian immediately for major medical crisis or any situation you can’t quickly and confidently treat.  

Feel free to comment below with your favorite first aid items!

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