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Equine Challenge™ Horse Supplement Probiotic



Recover From Digestive Issues
Re-Establish Microbial Populations After Antibiotic or Worming Protocols
Build A Robust Immune System
Help With Stressors Such As Transportation & Competitions
Counterbalance Effects Of Hight Grain Diets
Help Hard Keepers By Improving Digestion Of Feed

Equine Challenge Probiotic contains seven concentrated strains of viable Bacillus and bacteria in a milled flaxseed base making an effective pro-biotic that can be easily incorporated into your horses supplementation program. The microbial sources in Equine Challenge Probiotic supplement for horses are guaranteed to provide bacteria that are both viable and effective in promoting intestinal well being. We do not use probiotic extracts but rather give the viable microbials, which will colonize the gut, producing digestive enzymes, antibodies, synthesize a host of B Vitamins and cofactors.

Researchers report that when animals are fed lactic acid bacteria, the activity level of the immune system increases and, therefore, are less susceptible to disease.

Made fresh daily, no fillers added.

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Probiotic Horse Supplement | Equine Digestive Supplements

Probiotic extracts are no more than enzymes which have incredibly long shelf lives, but will not colonize the gut or produce anything which will support intestinal well being. Probiotic Horse Supplement | Equine Digestive Supplements

Researchers report that when horses are fed lactic acid bacteria, the activity level of the immune system increases and, therefore, are less susceptible to disease. Beneficial bacteria, especially Bacillus, produce many enzymes that may help to improve feed (nutrient) utilization. Protease, amylase and other enzymes produced by pro-bacteria serve to break down complex feed molecules into less complex nutrients. These smaller components are more readily used by the animal (greater bio-availability).

When Does My Horse Need Probiotics: Consider additional probiotic support with immune challenging protocols such as de-worming protocols, antibiotic therapy, diarrhea, abrupt feed changes, vaccinations, foaling and investing new foals with bacteria to avoid manure eating.

Looking for more digestive support for your horse?


Recommended dosage: 1 – 2 oz. daily. We recommend adding additional probiotic support to your horses feeding program 2-3 weeks prior to vaccinations and antibiotics and 2-3 weeks after and 1 week prior to worming and 1 week after. ​

Storage: Store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. Keep tightly sealed.

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