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Equine Challenge™ Horse Supplement Sand PLUS


Sand PLUS contains 95% pure “blonde” Plantago ovata with added PRE-biotic to support a thriving equine gastro-intestinal system.  Studies have found that Psyllium can help not only with sand accumulation, but also with soothing and healing the gut wall.  A thriving gut goes a long way in developing a thriving horse. Providing a toxin and harmful residue flush which will support sand and dirt elimination with the addition of 2 PRE-biotics, Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) and Mannanoliosacchrides (MOS) helping to stabilize the gastro intestinal micro-flora. Studies have shown that when placed in water, pelleted products did not break down and absorb fluid readily—some, even after 24 hours in water.  The tighter the pellet, the more this tended to be true.  For this reason, Sand Plus is not pelleted.  It is a natural form of psyllium husk that swells and gels easily and rapidly for the best results.  A winning combination!


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Equine Challenge Psyllium Horse Supplement | Sand PLUS

Equine Challenge™ Sand PLUS’ “blond” pysllium is in granular form which leads to a greater surface area and does not need to be chewed and broken down from the usual pelleted form, which means quicker mucilage action and greater gut support, sooner rather than later. Equine Challenge Psyllium Horse Supplement | Sand PLUS

Psyllium contains up to 70% of soluble and 30% of insoluble fibers. When psyllium husk is mixed with water or other liquids like juice, it forms a gel like gelatinous mass. This gelatinous mass moves down the digestive tract soaking up toxins and harmful residues, it flushes out toxins along with sand and dirt via the manure. The P. ovata pysllium husk increases in size once it comes into contact with water. This improves the absorption capabilities of the husk in some cases absorbing up to 16 times its own weight.

Why P. ovata “blond” pysllium? It would much easier to distinguish dirt and contamination in “blond” pysllium, a bit more difficult if you use brown pysllium. The higher grade of pysllium is lighter in color which is typically used in human products and this is measured in percentages….95% is very clean.

Once again Equine Challenge™ does not use any byproduct waste such as wheat millrun or wheat middlings as a filler.


Equine Challenge™ Sand PLUS – For average size (1,000 lbs) adult horse, provide 2 – 4 ounces per day for one week (7 days) out of every month.

Give less, proportionately, based on weight, to ponies, yearlings and foals. Give more, proportionately, based on weight to larger horses and draft breeds.

The enclosed 90cc scoop will hold approximately one (1) ounces (28.4 grams) when filled to “rounded”. Fresh water should be available at all times.

Generally, the daily dosage will be 2 – 4 ounces, and the product will be fed for 7 days straight. The product is then removed from the diet for three weeks. So, “one week on then three weeks off”… Your local veterinarian may prefer a slight variance to this program.

NOTE: Use Equine Challenge™ Sand PLUS with the advice, and consent, of your attending veterinarian. Do not feed to horses actively exhibiting signs of colic unless specifically prescribed by the attending veterinarian. Equine Challenge™ Sand PLUS is not intended for use in treatment of colic. If your horse is exhibiting signs of colic, do not administer this product–call your local, attending veterinarian immediately for treatment.

**For those that have never fed loose psyllium to their horses, know that there is a large volume relative to weight and has more of a “powdery” consistancy. It is suggested that you add a bit of white vinegar or water to the loose blonde psyllium and mix to achieve the desired texture.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. Keep tightly sealed.

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8 lb. Foil Pouch (32 days), 15 lb. Pail (60 days), 30 lb. Bag (120 days)

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