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Fall Transition & Chronic Horse Colic Tips

Fall Transition & Chronic Horse Colic Tips.  Fall is in the air!  That being said, many horses will colic or find themselves in a Pre-colic situation in the Fall Transition, especially horses prone to “chronic colic.” Prevention…Colic can be caused by many different factors.  During Fall and Winter, weather plays a major role.
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Is It Colic Or A False Alarm? Colic In Horses

Is It Colic, Or A False Alarm? Colic In Horses Sometimes you just can’t tell. Sometimes it’s a mild colic that doesn’t require a Vet even seeing the horse. Sometimes it’s as obvious as can be that something is wrong and a Vet needs to be called immediately. Sometimes the
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What is Equine Insulin Resistance (IR)

What Is Equine Insulin Resistance (IR) It was thought 30 years ago that horses were immune to the affects of IR or Diabetes. Horses are alleged to have been on planet Earth for 4 million years. So why in such a relatively short period of time are horses so dramatically
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