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Canine Challenge Probiotic Supplement™


Canine Challenge Probiotic Supplement™ is a milled flaxseed based concentrated 7 strain probiotic package. Seven strains of viable Bacillus and Lactobacillus bacteria make K-9 Challenge Probiotic Supplement™ an effective pro-biotic that can be easily incorporated into your pets feeding program.


Probiotic Supplements For Dogs, Canine Probiotics. The microbial sources are guaranteed to provide bacteria that are both viable and effective in promoting intestinal well being. The Bacillus bacteria when activated in your canines gastro-intestinal tract will begin to produce digestive enzymes making digestion more complete and minimizing pancreatic stress. **We do not use probiotic extracts but rather give you the actual microbials…We give your dog the Golden Goose, not just the golden eggs!

Microbials are viable for approx. 4 months, therefore we recommend you buy no more than what you can use in 3 months to ensure viable probiotics for your dog. (1 # of probiotic lasts 45 days for large dog breeds, 90 days for medium sized dog breeds and 135 days for toy dog breeds).

K-9 Challenge Probiotic Feeding Instructions: When feeding K-9 Challenge Probiotic Supplement™ add the recommended dose per weight of dog and add warm water to desired consistency that your canine family member prefers. All K-9 Challenge Supplement™ products have an added beef stew flavoring that your canine will love.

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