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Treating Sweet Itch In Horses

  Sweet itch (also known as summer itch or seasonal dermatitis) is believed to be an allergic reaction to the saliva of certain biting flies and the female culicodes midge, which can cause severe skin irritation.  Sweet Itch symptoms include intense itching (you may see the affected horse spending hours rubbing against
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The Difference Between Horse Wormers

Not all wormers are the same.  Do you know which is the best choice for your horse?  Different wormers target different worms and parasites. An easy and inexpensive way to find out if your horse is infested, and if so, with what, is to get a sample of your horses
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Easy Keeper Horses & Dangers Of Lush Green Grass

Checking the digital pulse, Lush Green Grass, Vaccinations….boosting the immune system, Feeding mares, weanlings & yearlings, feeding whole oats. Spring is almost here and for some, that means rain, lush green grass, softer hooves, more thrush, shedding coats, foaling and so much more. For those who own the easy keeper horses
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