Muneca Morgans

Equine Challenge Supplements & Muneca Morgans                                                     


Mackie and I were blessed with many wonderful Morgan mares before his passing.  The Morgan herd has gotten much smaller through the years and a gelding has been added to the mix.  This page is to showcase the Morgans, both past and present, that have passed through the ranch. 

When we started our Morgan farm in 2005, Mackie discovered a lack of available nutritional options, and he went to work in creating Equine Challenge Supplements.  Our first two Morgans, Shiloh & Gitana,  were his inspiration for creating the best possible forage specific complete vitamin/mineral supplement on the market today and as the Morgan herd grew, so did our line of supplemental products.

On the Central Coast of California there are many Morgan breeders. It is not uncommon to hear the Mexican hands referring to the Morgan horses as “Muñecas”, meaning “baby dolls” given their doll-like facial features.  Therefore, Morgan horses can be synonymous with the Spanish word “Muñeca” (pronounced moon-yay-ka) in the Central Coast of California.

Muñeca Morgans is located in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California.  I hope you enjoy viewing our beautiful Morgan baby dolls, Akoya, Rocky, Gitana, Shiloh, Mattea, Weepago, Cicatriz and Indigo Skye.






        Alpinemist Black Pearl  “Akoya”

              June 2007/Grulla Morgan Mare

              Successful Sorcerer x Tiona’s Glorious Love










        Amberfields Stars N Stripes “Rocky”

               April 2002/Grulla Morgan Gelding

               Stormwashed x Amberfields Lady Amethyst









        Sierra Gold’s Gypsy Rose “Gitana”

               May 1997 – May 25, 2011/Chestnut Morgan Mare

               Niteridge Rif Raf x Pollyanna’s Mandalay







        VCF Whiskey Girl “Mattea”

               March 2005 – October 30, 2016/Buckskin Morgan Mare

               MEMC Tequila Cuervo x Aranaway Mandalay








        Lignite’s Cinnamon Girl “Shiloh”

               March 1999/Chestnut Morgan Mare

               Skys-Ethete-Pride x Waers’ Linda Lou


               Shiloh now resides just up the road in Prather, Ca. with very dear friends.






        Amberfields Indigo Skye “Skye”

               March 2006/Grulla Mare

               FPS Success Made In Dun x Amberfields October Skye

               Skye came to Mackie and I for rehab and training and we had the pleasure of having her here at

               Muneca Morgans until she returned home to Ramona, Ca. in the Spring of 2016 where she resides

               with her Morgan mare pasture buddy.





        SC Island Kassandra “Weepago”

               May 2008/Black Foundation Mare

               Cassanova’s Cashon x Caduceus Margaux

               Weepago made the journey all the way to Magnolia, Tx where she is now owned and

               loved by Bob & Pat and is in training for a light show career.







        Filigree In Sterling “Cicatriz”

               April 2009/Black Silver Dapple Mare

               Zeulner’s Silver Legacy x MLF Emotion

               Cicatriz has settled into her new home at Poderoso Morgans in Roosevelt, Utah.

               Cicatriz has been bred to their Friesen Stallion with the hopes of creating the First ever Black

               Silver Dapple Moriesian.