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How Nutrition Effects Horse Hoof Health

How Nutrition Effects Horse Hoof Health Healthy hooves start with synergistically sound nutrition, proper hoof mechanics, proper environment, plenty of movement and the steadfast proper Equine Stewardship.  How nutrition effects horse hoof health?   Far too many times with the best of intention we work against the best interest of our
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Common Horse Hoof Problems

Common Horse Hoof Problems .. .Signs, Symptoms and Treament. Dehydration Dehydrated hooves…hoof cracks, pain and discomfort, this can be a real problem for the horse and horse owner.  There are several ways to provide moisture/hydration to the hooves. If the hoof capsule becomes dehydrated, it will prevent normal shock absorption.
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Cushings-Like and Other Endocrine Pathologies Revisited

I hear from customers frequently struggling in transition from shoes to barefoot, for years without success. Why? Might there be an underlying endocrine based metabolic issue? The horse is one large hormone producing machine. Are we open to a different question? Or are we only interested in redefining the problem? For instance: Can
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