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mare calming supplements

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  • Equine Challenge™ Pissy Mare


    Equine Challenge™ Pissy Mare


    Pissy Mare may help your mare be more comfortable during her cycles. If your mare is moody, cranky, or has hard cycles, this all-natural herb may help.

    Is your mare suffering from PMS? (Pissy Mare Syndrome)

    • If you are greeted every morning by a pissy mare face , you need Pissy Mare
    • If you have a cranky mare you need Pissy Mare
    • If you have a moody mare, you need Pissy Mare
    • Pissy Mare may help influence a quiet disposition in both mares and geldings.

    Pissy Mare:

    • Can be fed year round
    • Can be fed to pregnant mares in their last trimester
    • Will not interfere with mares natural heat cycle
    • 100% Wildcrafted Raspberry Leaf
    • Is Cost Effective

    Start feeding Pissy Mare today to have a horse you enjoy being around tomorrow!

    Made fresh daily, no fillers added.

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