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Liquid Gas, Runny Burn in Horses

Liquid Gas, Runny Burn In Horses

Liquid Gas, Runny Burn in Horses

Sound familiar? “Liquid Gas, Runny Burn in Horses.”  Some of you may be wondering what that is, some of you are all too familiar with it. Liquid Gas or Runny Burn is when your horse lifts its tail and lets out gas but along with the gas a dark liquid is also expelled, running down the backside and legs of your horse.

Many horse owners will have the Vet out and run many tests but come up with no definitive answers.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason. Some horses are prone to it in the Fall/Winter months while others when it is hot in the Summer.  I owned a 22 year old QH mare that would have random bouts of it.

This seems to be something that can happen in older horses. Sometimes their gut doesn’t function as well as it should in reabsorbing the water from the manure. It can also be because the horse is not able to chew his forage very well, so the fibers are not as short as they should be.  It is important to always make sure to keep up to date on having your horse checked by an equine dentist to rule out this cause.

Also you can have a fecal check on on the manure to rule out worms and/or parasites as this can be another cause for Liquid Gas or Runny Burn, as well as some types of ulcers.

While you are doing these things the number one suggestion is to get your horse on a good Pro/Prebiotic! That being said the supplement of choice is Equine Challenge Probiotic Blast.  Give anywhere from 2 – 4 oz. daily until you see improvement.

Thank you for choosing Equine Challenge Supplements!

​Kathy Hartwig

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