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Equine Challenge™ Horse Supplement Prebiotic


Equine Challenge™ PREbiotic horse supplement will enhance/feed the existing bacterial or micro-flora environment of the equine gut and contains two different prebiotics, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS). These PRE-biotics are indigestible to the horse but rather support the hindgut or cecal and colonic well being by promoting “friendly” bacteria and having a negative impact on the “bad”bacteria. This mechanism helps to stabilize the intestinal micro-flora in the presence of digestive stress such as sudden dietary changes, grain overload, exposure to more lush forage or grasses. Other stresses include transportation, environmental changes, training, antibiotic therapy and such.

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PREbiotics are destructive to pathogens in the gut and make it difficult for pathogens to adhere to the gut lining and help with their elimination with other toxins from the gastro-intestinal system.

These PREbiotics will enhance the existing bacterial or micro-flora environment of the equine gut. At anytime the horse is under stress from whatever origin, the micro-flora status of the horse is threatened. Adding Equine Challenge™ PRE-biotic to your horse’s diet will help to stabilize the existing micro-flora of the gut and decrease the possibility of negative consequences resulting from digestive disruptions thus reducing incidences of colic.

In more simple terms, PREbiotics feed and nourish the “good or friendly” bacteria while preventing the “bad” bacteria an opportunity to flourish thus maintaining a stable micro-flora leading to a thriving gastro-intestinal tract.

Equine Challenge™ PREbiotic for horses is a greater concentrated stand alone product which has a much greater shelf life due in part that this product contains no viable ingredients. This will allow greater flexibility for the horse owner in feeding based on individual horses needs and or circumstances.

This product is NOT a replacement for the use of Probiotics. This product feeds the existing micro flora of the gut.

When Does My Horse Need Prebiotics: Equine Challenge™ PRE-biotic is supportive of horses struggling with: Laminitis or Founder, Insulin Resistance, Colic or Pre-Colic, Changes in Environment, Grain Overload, Spring Grasses, Transportation, Work or Training Stress, Anti-biotic, Steroid Therapy and Stabled horses.


Provide to horses weighing 1,000 lbs+ at the rate of ten (10) grams per day. Usage rate may be adjusted proportionately (based on weight) for younger horses, lighter breed or heavier breeds. Daily dosage may be divided to accommodate multiple feedings.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. Keep tightly sealed.

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2 lb Pail (90 Days), 4 lb Pail (180 Days), 8 lb Pail (360 Days)

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