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  • Equine Challenge™ Horse Supplement Probiotic Blast


    Equine Challenge™ Horse Supplement Probiotic Blast



    Recover From Digestive Issues
    Re-Establish Microbial Populations After Antibiotic or Worming Protocols
    Build A Robust Immune System
    Help With Stressors Such As Transportation & Competitions
    Counterbalance Effects Of Hight Grain Diets
    Help Hard Keepers By Improving Digestion Of Feed

    Probiotic BLAST promotes a thriving gastrointestinal tract by providing a 7 strain viable probiotic package, PLUS the addition of 2 Prebiotics, FOS and MOS. These PREbiotics are indigestible to the horse and support the hindgut or cecal well being by promoting “friendly” bacteria and having a negative impact on the “bad” bacteria. Helps with digestive stressors such as:

    Sudden Dietary Changes
    Grain Overload
    Exposure to Lush Forage or Grasses
    Environmental Changes
    Made fresh daily, no fillers added.

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