Feeding Instructions

When choosing between the alfalfa and the grass formulas, if your horse is being fed 8 lbs. of alfalfa or more per day, you want to order the Equine Challenge™ Vitamins & Minerals for alfalfa fed horses. Horses fed less than 8 lbs. of alfalfa per day will need Equine Challenge™ Vitamins & Minerals for grass/oat hay fed horses. If you feed a hay mix, If the mix is more than 50% alfalfa, feed Equine Challenge™ Vitamins & Minerals for alfalfa fed horses. If the hay mix is more than 50% grass, feed Equine Challenge™ Vitamins & Minerals for grass fed horses.

grass hay field

Grass Hay Field

Alfalfa Hay Field

Oat Hay Field

The recommended dosage of Equine Challenge™ is 2 – 4 oz. daily depending upon the activity level of your horse. For non- performance horses, we recommend 2 oz. per day. For performance horses, horses in training, or pregnant and lactating mares, we recommend 4 oz. per day. For horses previously not on any supplement regimen, we recommend an initial dose of 4 oz. daily for 3 to 4 weeks, adjusting dosage thereafter in accordance with your horse’s activity per standard dosage recommendations.

When feeding Equine Challenge™ , feed no more than 2 oz. at any one feeding with a maximum dosage of 4 oz per day. We recommend splitting Equine Challenge™ doses into a.m. and p.m. feeding times.

If your horse is taking 4 oz. of Equine Challenge™ per day, in order to ensure stable blood levels, it is recommended you feed 2 oz. in the a.m. and 2 oz. in the p.m.

Most horses will readily accept Equine Challenge™ added to their diet, however in some cases, it may take a few days before your horse will eat Equine Challenge™ . Equine Challenge™ has been synergistically formulated to work together for the maximum benefit of your horse. When starting Equine Challenge™ it is recommended you stop all other forms of vitamin and mineral supplementation, in order to avoid interfering with the synergistic balance of Equine Challenge™ .