Essential Wellness For Horse & Rider

Mind, Body & Sole Support Essential Wellness For Horse & Rider Supports Relaxation, Digestion, Sensitive Skin Supports Muscles, Joints, Tendons Supports Immune System, Respiratory, Circulation

Equine Challenge Essential Wellness

In our goal to help horses not just live, but thrive, we are very excited to suggest one more wellness option for both horses and equestrians.  Equine Challenge Supplements now can provide information and suggestions regarding the highest quality, human grade, essential oils for the entire family.  These essential oils can be taken by all family members to include humans, dogs, horses, etc…. We strongly believe in the quality and benefits of essential oils for both the horse and riders wellness.


What are Essential Oils?

Equine Challenge Essential Oils For HorsesEssential oils are natural compounds derived from seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.  These oils give plants their distinctive smells, help protect the plant against predators and disease, and aid in pollination.

Essential oils have been used in medicine, beauty/ hygiene, food preparation, and religious ceremonies for thousands of years in many different cultures.  They are now becoming much more popular in horse barns here in the United States.  Today, essential oils are used for massage, alternative medical therapies, and the overall wellness for both humans and animals.  Their uses are many.

Essential oils are not intended to be a replacement for veterinary care or equine nutritional supplements, but I have seen first hand that they can work wonders as a beneficial addition to your horse’s overall health care.


Do Essential Oils Really Work?

It takes 22 seconds for the molecules to reach the brain.  In 2 minutes they will be found in the bloodstream.  In 20 minutes they will affect every cell in the body. Yes, they really work!

Essential Oil Uses With Horses

Equine Challenge Essential Oils For Horses


Essential oils can be used for many equine conditions.  For physical issues, you can apply the oil directly on the affected location.  For respiratory issues, apply on the pole, between the front legs and on the chest and then let the horse inhale the oil.  For emotional issues, let them inhale the oil and you can apply it on their forehead or poll.

When you are first getting your horse started on essential oils

  • Start with the human usage amount found on the lable and dilute.
  • Mix with water in a spray bottle for easy application.
  • Start small and use in moderation.
  • How to introduce your horse to essential oils, Video Demonstration.

For some great essential oils tips and suggestions on treating common ailments in horses feel free to contact me.

*Note: If a horse turns his head away from an essential oil when you let him smell it, he is showing you that he doesn’t prefer that particular oil.



Essential Oil Application with horses

Essential oils can be used in different ways:Equine Challenge Essential Oils For Horses

  • Topically – Neat or diluted.  Diluted can be done with carrier oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc…. Apply at the source of concern.  Use on your horses poll, coronet band, spine, and inside the hooves to provide additional support. *When first starting always use a carrier oil and dilute at 50%
  • Aromatically – Let the horse take a whiff directly from the bottle or drop one drop in the palm of your hand.  Rub both hands together and cup over the nose.
  • Internally – You can drop Young Living Vitality Oils directly into the horses lower lip, mix with your horses grain or water, use a syringe with carrier oil or water.
  • Diffuse – Use a cool air diffuser to diffuse essential oils into the barn environment.  Young Living offers several.  This is not the same thing as a cool air humidifier.



How Essential Oils Can Help Horses

Essential oils have been used in wellness practices for at least 5,000 years.  Benefits include skin, hooves, digestion, hormones, respiratory, circulatory, brain health, immune system, skeletal system, healthy weight, endocrine system, stress, relaxation.  Need more ideas?  Check out the Equine Challenge Essential Wellness For Horses & Riders E-Book.

If you think that your horse, your family members and yourself can benefit from essential oils, please contact me for more information, your horses and family members will thank you!


Note:  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Products, ideas and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.