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How To Check The Vital Signs On Your Horse

Vital Signs! Temperature, Pulse, Respiration, Gut Sounds, Capillary Refill Time & The Pinch Test. Summer is in full swing so it’s time to talk about keeping a close eye on our Equine family by knowing what to look for in our horse’s Vital Signs. If your horse is having problems
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Comparing Mineral Types In Horse Supplements

I often receive emails or calls wanting or requesting a comparative analysis between Equine Challenge Supplements and the current product a potential customer is using. As an example, some will want to know how much copper is in Equine Challenge? It is easy to say …”there is 50 mg of
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Is It Colic, Or A False Alarm?

Is It Colic, Or A False Alarm? Sometimes you just can’t tell. Sometimes it’s a mild colic that doesn’t require a Vet even seeing the horse. Sometimes it’s as obvious as can be that something is wrong and a Vet needs to be called immediately. Sometimes the signs are so
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